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  • Short-sleeved T-shirt,
  • manufacturer: Thrasher,
  • color: white,
  • material: 100% cotton,
  • a brand that needs no introduction, every self-respecting skateboarder should have such a product in their wardrobe!
Thrasher Magazine is a monthly skateboarding magazine published by High Speed ​​Productions, Inc., San Francisco, USA, which was founded in January 1981 by Kevin Thatcher, Eric Swenson and Fausto Vitello. Most of the magazine's pages are devoted to skateboarding - photos, interviews, tour reports, but there are also articles about music, photography and skate parks. The magazine also runs a website: and is present on all social media. Its goal is to develop and promote skateboarding. On the YouTube channel we can regularly watch various series, such as Skateline, Magnified, Hall of Meat, Classic Covers or My War, but full-length films also have their world premieres there. It is the main platform for every skater. Every skateboarder dreams of being at least on the page, not to mention a photo inside or on the cover. In the skateboarding community, the magazine is referred to as the Bible. In addition, Thrasher produces clothes, a large selection of which can be found in our store, including: Flame Logo sweatshirts and T-shirts, Skatemag Logo sweatshirts and T-shirts or classic T-shirts with the Skate and Destroy pattern.

Skater of the Year
Every year, Thrasher Magazine awards the greatest skateboarding distinction in the world, the "Skater of the Year" title. So far, they have been awarded this title:
1990: Tony Hawk, 1991: Danny Way, 1992: John Cardiel, 1993: Salman Agah, 1994: Mike Carroll, 1995: Chris Senn, 1996: Eric Koston, 1997: Bob Burnquist, 1998: Andrew Reynolds, 1999: Brian Anderson, 2000: Geoff Rowley10, 2001: Arto Saari, 2002: Tony Trujillo, 2003: Mark Appleyard, 2004: Danny Way, 2005: Chris Cole, 2006: Daewon Song, 2007: Marc Johnson, 2008: Silas Baxter-Neal, 2009: Chris Cole, 2010: Leo Romero, 2011: Grant Taylor, 2012: David Gonzalez, 2013: Ishod Wair, 2014: Wes Kremer, 2015: Anthony van Engelen, 2016: Kyle Walker, 2017: Jamie Foy
Bake And Destroy (2012), Prevent This Tragedy (2009), Brutality (2008), Beer Slave (2007), Shotgun (2006), Keg Killer (2006), Beer Helmet (2005), Beers, Bowls & Barneys (2004) , Rocket Science (2004), SOTY Video (2003), Playing In Traffic (2002), Jaded (2002), Go for Broke (2001), Timebomb (2001), Firing Squad (2000), Scorchin' Summer (1999), Hall of Meat (1999), Hillbilly Roadkill (1998), Vidiot (1998), How to Skateboard Better (1998), How To Skateboard (1998), Skate and Destroy (1996), Raw (1996), Hitting the Streets (1996 ), Donut Duty (1995), 911 Emergency (1995), Feats (1994), On The Road (1994), Sponsor Me (1994), Need For Speed ​​(1993), The Truth Hurts (1993), Savannah Slamma II ( 1988), Savannah Slamma (1988)

King of the Road
2003: Deluxe (winner), Tum Yeto, éS Footwear, Volcom
2004: Zero (winner), Girl Skateboards, Almost, Real
2005: Zero (winner), Habitat, Flip, Element
2006 - The Beast Creeps East: Zero (winner), Darkstar, Baker, Toy Machine
2007: Blind (winner), Foundation, Black Label, Zoo York
2010: Nike (winner), Circa, Converse, Etnies
2011: Lakai (Winner ), Vans, Nike, Dekline // Mystery guests: Leo Romero, Salman Agah, Andrew Reynolds, Arto Saari
2012: Alien Workshop (Winner), Toy Machine, Creature, AntiHero // Mystery guests: Austyn Gillette, David González, Aaron Homoki , Ryan Decenzo
2013: Birdhouse (Winner), Real Skateboards, Chocolate, Enjoi //Mystery guests: David Gravette, Taylor Smith, TJ Rogers, Adam Taylor
2014: Birdhouse, Element, Flip //Mystery guests: Peter Smolik, Tyrone Olson, Chad Knight
2015: Birdhouse (Winner), Toy Machine, Chocolate //Mystery guests: Jereme Rogers, Heath Kirchart, Forrest Edwards
2016: Deathwish, Enjoi (Winner), Creature
2017: Element (Winner), Real, Foundation